Старый Почтовый Пароход – Гудки в Тумане

Royal Mail Steamship Baltic. Whistles in the Fog.

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Royal Mail Steamship Baltic
1 February 1976
R.M.S. Baltic
Baltic was the third of White Star's "Big Four" -- Celtic, Cedric and Adriatic were the other three -- put in service in the early years of this century so White Star could provide weekly express service between Liverpool and New York. For reasons unknown, Baltic was always the most popular of these four virtually identical ships.
Launched 21 November 1903, Baltic made her maiden voyage, Liverpool-NY, on 29 June 1904. At 23,876 tons, she was the largest ship in the world at that time and she could accommodate 425 first class, 450 second and 2,000 third, with a crew of 560.

Baltic was instrumental in rescuing all of the survivors of the Republic-Florida collision on 23 January 1909, responding to Republic's radio calls for assistance. She later served as a troopship during WW I, carrying the Headquarters staff and the first US troops to Europe in May 1917.

RMS Baltic

After the war, she resumed Liverpool-NY service. RMS Baltic made her final voyage 17 September 1932 and was broken up in Osaka in 1933.

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